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Eccentric is the new black.

Starring: Ray Ellin, as Host.  Featuring  Chuck Nice, Mike Fine, Leslie Gold, Brian Scott McFadden & The Gong Show 10 band.

And the greatest cast in broadway history.  Also the bravest.

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Now on tour
The Gong Show Live, off broadway show
The Gong Show Live, off broadway show

Part musical, part comedy, part parody, part homage, this is the theatrical adaptation of the "greatest TV show in human history". Featuring a permanent cast of mind-blowing talent, curated from around the globe. While these talented eccentrics battle it out for the coveted prize of $516.32, they are dedicated to the point of obsession to astonishing and delighting every member of the studio audience. You are that studio audience. They fought to be here. Our competitors' backstories will draw you in. Their performances will blow you away.   As wildly and weirdly talented as they are, they continue to fight for their dream and refuse to be defeated. 

The Gong Show Off Broadway speaks to the desire in all of us, that our dreams are not over as long as we continue to fight for them.

It’s audience approved. It’s acclaim drenched. It’s world-class hilarious. It's brilliantly directed. It’s impeccably produced. So find your seat, then fall off it laughing.


It's the Sony Pictures Television authorized stage production

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Justin Timberlake to play Chuck Barris on Apple TV

Justin Timberlake will play Chuck Barris in a yet to be titled drama series for Apple TV. The series is based on the Confessions of a Dangerous Mind memoir by Chuck Barris and later, movie produced by George Clooney.

The Gong Show Live, off broadway show
Corporate Events

Train your team to come through in the clutch.

The GSOB one-of-a kind half-day immersive program trains your team to use what they have, and come through in the clutch.  Our uniquely talented cast teach your 'performers' how to be nimble, use non-verbal communication, turn failure into success, use a story and go against type in the way only fearless entertainers can illustrate.  The day culminates in a hybrid show complete with live music, costumes and props. Fun.  Instructive. Actionable. And more applicable to business than you'd imagine. Spectacularly effective for groups of 30-500.


"Jaw-droppingly hilarious"              WOR Radio NY
"Ecstatic Fun!"
 The Wall Street Journal
"I was still laughing the next day"   Q104 Radio NYC

Unpredictable, deranged and magnificent.  Chuck Barris would be proud.”


"An adaptation worthy of the greatest TV show in history"    


"Charming deranged lunacy. Well done!"  The Examiner


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