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The Gong Show Off Broadway concludes a 3 year sold-out NYC residence (from

A spectacular 3 year run at the beautiful Cutting Room in NYC ended tonight when the Gong Show finished it's last sold-out show in the Midtown cabaret space. "We've outgrown the space" said Executive Producer Leslie Gold  "Time to move to theaters."  Gold previewed the larger, more elaborate stage set and promised more multi-media elements in the expanded production. "By moving into theaters we have the ability to reveal more of our cast's backstories- which are as mind blowing as their talents" says Gold,  "It will be an even more immersive experience."


The first touring performances for the Gong Show Off Broadway are in Long Island, Connecticut, Massachusetts and Westchester NY.


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If you’re looking for a unique theatrical experience, check out The Gong Show ( Everyone has heard of this namebrand but the stage show is something you’ve got to see to believe, and beginning May 1, the troupe of crazies and the golden gong set up shop in Midtown’s Davenport Theatre. What’s better than a downtown experience in an uptown location?

A few words about Chuck Barris from the producer of The Gong Show Off Broadway

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