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We asked ourselves a question: What could the Gong Show be if it were turned into a real theatrical extravaganza?

Then we made the show and answered the question.  Unpredictable, deranged and magnificent


The premise of the TV show was simple, present acts that are both good and bad. The goal of the acts was to capture the attention of the celebrity judges and the studio audience long enough to survive the Gong. Acts that did, were scored and the highest scoring act won exactly $516.32. The key to winning The Gong Show seemed to be originality and guts.  Having both made you a contender. Talent helped, but it was secondary. The show became an absolute national sensation while drawing intense hostility from TV critics and other persons of 'taste'. It was raucous, reckless, lowbrow, hilarious and simply perfect. ​

The Gong Show Off Broadway goes bigger, deeper and richer. We curated the globe to find the most mind-blowing performers the world had to offer. These entertainment eccentrics have spent a lifetime longing for the world to recognize their unorthodox talent. Each one fought their way to this stage in one way or another. And each is dedicated to the point of obsession to proving themselves on the stage.  As they share both their peculiar talents and their compelling backstories with you- it speaks to the desire in all of us, that our dreams are not over as long as we continue to fight for them.

Oh, and it also happens to be hilarious. So grab a seat, and fall off it from laughing.


The Gong Show Off Bwy on Tour
THROWBACK Gene Gene, The Dancing Machine
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